Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Work In Progress...

As I mentioned in my one of my last posts I went back to school a couple of weeks ago *sigh*. But before I went back I thought that it was about time for me to clear up my desk area in preparation for the academic year.
I should probably mention that this is the first time I've actually been able to see any of the desk space since I first bought it over a year ago... Usually it's covered with a mound of scrap paper, books, and all sorts of other random bits n' bobs,  90% of which are completely useless but I'm just too scared to chuck them away. 
But no more! I have finally de-cluttered and have managed create a relatively tidy work space that fits perfectly with my every day needs.

If you where wondering the photo frame string board was ridiculously easy to make! All you need is an old picture frame, as many strips of string as you want (they should be same width as your frame plus 6cm extra) and some drawing pins or a glue gun to secure the string in place. All you have to do is assemble it and then start clipping or hanging anything you want on to your new mood board!

'Think' wooden word - not on the high street
Note book - John Lewis
polka dot laptop rest - Ikea
Candle - Tiger

I hope you like my little "office" area!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Meet Florence...

Before I start I am sure your all wondering why I have photos of a handbag and a post titled "Meet Florence" well, I have a confession to make...
Sometimes, when I get given presents that I love so so much, I give them a name... I know, I know I'm weird! So this year, for my 15th birthday, along came Florence, to join Amelie (Camera), Noah (Sunnies) and Hugo (Laptop) in my list of material possession babies...

I picked up Florence from Kate Spade when I went to San Diego and because Kate Spade is an American brand it meant that buying this bag became a little more purse friendly. Of course it was still a lot more than my parents or I would ever usually dream of paying for a bag but luckily it was my birthday and I was holding off asking for a prezzie until we went away.

Unfortunately I don't know the specific details about dimensions or the type of leather but I do know that it is the perfect medium sized bag for all your essentials plus a few extras! The colour of grey on the other hand is stunning but a tad impractical as any kind of mark shows up! Luckily they can usually be easily cleaned up with the help of a good ol' baby wipe.

I hope you love Florence as much as I do and I'm sure you will see her popping up on the blog in the future (If I ever pluck up the courage to do and "outfit of the day" post that is!)


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Birthday Bits!

This birthday was a little different than most, as you may already know I was in California for my 15th and If you want to see what I got up to I've done a post - here!-
Most people knew that I was going to be in the States during the summer so I was mainly given money to spend while I was over there. Strangely I didn't end up spending all of it not, I should add, through lack of shopping opportunities! But here are select the bits that I pick up.
The socks above are from Brandy Melville $6. I'm absolutely in love with them despite the fact that they are ridiculously impractical and rip if you even look at them!.... 
After realising the was a big grey jumper shaped hole in my wardrobe I quickly picked this one up from Gap for $45 while we where in LA. Its super cosy and as with most things from Gap it's really good quality so hopefully will last me a while.
It just wouldn't be right if I came back from America without peanut butter, Lucky Charms or chocolate now would it?!
Make up wise I was pretty restrained and only really picked up bits that I had planned to get.....I know, that's a first! Although I do regret not getting some more bits from Wet n Wild and NYX because they are very tricky to find here in the Uk. 
Wet n Wild - Walking on egg shells $2.99 - I'm not a big eye shadow wearer but all the colours in this trio are really pretty and for $2.99 I just couldn't resist.
Revlon Polish - Ginger Melon $6.99 This is a really nice bright pink that looks awesome on tanned skin...
The Original L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara $7.99 - This mascara was discontinued in the Uk before I had a chance to try it out even though so many people seemed to love it. So when I saw it siting there in CVS I knew it was meant to be...
American Apparel Polish - $7 its purple, its sparkly what more could you want?!

Saving my favourite bits till last! Firstly I should point out that M.A.C in the US is soo much cheaper than it is here in the Uk. One lippy is $16 which is equivalent to £9.70 and in the Uk one M.A.C lip stick £15.50 equivalent to $25.40! Whhaatt?! So I took advantage of that and picked up two colours I'd been eyeing up for a while Patisserie, a pinky nude with brown undertones and Plumful a really wearable berry shade. 
And finally the Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso (left) and Dolce Pink (Right). If I had to pick my favourite of everything that I bought while I was away it would have to be these blushes! They highlight the cheeks in a really beautiful, subtle, "inner glow" kind of way. But I'm not going to say any more because I think I'll have a full review going up soonish, so if your interested in knowing more look out for that!

Whats been your favourite out of the bits I picked up?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Ruby's Diner

How could I possibly go to the States with out visiting a classic American diner at least once?
Ruby's Diner is a chain of restaurants that give the feel of an authentic 1940's American restaurant, all the waiters and waitresses are dressed in adorable red and white outfits with special hats and everything! (I'm easily pleased.)
 If one of the cars above could be turned into the interior decor of a restaurant then Ruby's would definitely be it!

On to the food! The first time we went I had a chocolate shake with a veggie burger. The shake, oh my, the shake was amazing! Honestly it was just melted chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top but that's my idea of heaven! The burger and chips where actually pretty darn good too, which I was quite surprised about because usually veggie burgers can tend to be a tad stogy and dry...
On our second visit I ordered the iced Mocha and the Fish n' Chips. Unfortunately this time I wasn't so keen on my food. There was a little too much batter on the fish which meant that the inside was all soggy. Luckily the chips where great (but you sure do get a lot of them!) and the drink, again, was amazing.

Overall the food was really tasty, the waiters and waitresses where super friendly and the prices are pretty reasonable.
 I'd give Ruby's Diner 4 out of 5.

Definitely check it out if your ever across the pond!