Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 Favourites and Discoveries

I'll save you any of the cliched rambling about how scarily fast the year has gone and get straight to the good stuff!
From snacks and shoes to people and beauty products, here's my roundup of the best bits and pieces that have seen my through a very eventful year!
Starting with Food, of course...

Rice Noodles (Vermicelli) - Amazing for stir fries (obviously) or for super speedy lunches as they cook in under 5 minutes! Annoyingly, because of a gluten intolerance I can't eat normal pasta with out preparing for painful side effects *cue sad violin music * but luckily Vermicelli can be used like a spaghetti substitute so all is not lost!

The Food Doctor Fig and Cranberry Granola - Oh Granola, one of the main loves of my life. Sometimes I manage to eat you as a part of all three meals. No shame.
Due to the aforementioned obsession I try and buy sugar free Granola as many of the packed cereals are rammed with refined sugars and my favourite one so far has been The Food Doctor Fig and Cranberry, only bad thing is that it's a pain in the backside to get hold of! 

Vegan DMs - After wearing my previous DM's to death and back again, I finally got a new pair but of course I opted for the Vegan range and they're even comfier than the leather ones! Plus there was no painful "wearing in" stage causing blisters the size of planets... Gross but true.

Black roll neck jumper - I found my Black Lacoste Roll Neck in a French Charity shop and it was a complete steal at a tenth of the original £150 price tag! Yes that's right, I bought it for just 2 euros, equivalent to £1.47! Seriously, you're missing out if you don't check out your local second hand shops!

Tarte "Exposed" Blush - Pretty much the only blush I've worn since I bought it in the summer. Its the most versatile and long lasting powder product I own and definitely worth the investment!

Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer and Brow Archery in "Brownie Points" - Soap and Glory is hands down my favourite affordable, cruelty free make up brand. They don't have any funky shades when it comes to brow products and they know how to make a good bronzer for all my fellow vampire pale skinned girls...

Zoeva Brushes - Best brushes ever: so soft, so pretty, such good value for money.

YouTube / TV 
Lauren Toyota - All round cool cool lady. She's funny, down to earth and has a really amazing vegan cooking channel called "hot for food" which is physically impossible to watch with out any snacks on hand. You've been warned..

Rhian HY- A beautiful Brit now living in Michigan and talking about all things beauty and cruelty free! 

Luther - Although the first series came out in 2010 they have recently brought out series 4, which might just be the scariest one yet and of course Idris Elba is as gorgeous and rugged as ever.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very sparkly New Years!
- Lola -