About Me!

My name is Lola, I'm 16 and am currently lucky enough to be living in the amazing city that is London!
I love magazine cuttings, documentaries, the smell of swimming pools, spatulas (they're hands down the best kitchen utensil. Ever.), hot water bottles (all year round) and bubble wrap. I'm easily pleased me.
I'm also partial to the odd red lippy here and there...

As a newly turned vegan and cooking enthusiast, expect to see lots of simple and healthy recipes that aim to show that living cruelty free does not mean eating flavour free! 

- Lola Emily - was started up initially as a creative outlet to showcase my most recent snaps and bakes but has slowly evolved into more of a general space for me to share everything from my most resent girl crushes (Angelina Jolie I'm looking at you) to little things that make me happy. 

 Hopefully, I'll continue posting things that truly interest and inspire me and maybe they might just interest and inspire you too.