Saturday, 31 May 2014

Crush of the Month - Angelina Jolie

Oh, Angelina, where to start?!
Not only is she an extremely talented and driven actress, she also dedicates lots of her time to helping those less fortunate; such as setting up the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, along side husband Brad Pitt and of course, lets not forget the fact that she has the most perfectly proportioned features and the most incredible bone structure that I have ever seen...Ever....

5 Random Facts

  1. Angelina and husband Brad Pitt, fell in love on the set of the film Mr and Mrs Smith.
  2. Jolie and Pitt have 6 children, 3 of which where adopted.
  3. She has also starred in many music videos with artists and bands such as: the Rolling Stones, Meat Loaf and Lenny Kravitz.
  4. She is a qualified private Pilot.
  5. And you thought Angelina couldn't get any cooler... Approximately 80% of the stunts that Laura Croft does in Tomb Raider were done by Angelina her self.

Who's your current 'crush'?

Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 2 - Paddling In Jeans...

Yup thats right, I went "paddling" in my jeans and ended up getting absolutely soaked... Then I decided it would be a great idea to play frisbee on the sand and by the end of the game my legs could have quite honestly been used as human sand paper....
Sorry for the not so great pictures on this post but I didn't get a chance to take very many as it ended up being quite a busy day!
If you want to see some photos from day one (there are chocolate covered waffles involved...Oh yeah, get excited!) click here! and for my seaside makeup bag click here!

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Seaside Trip Day 1 - Waffle Excess!

Firstly, yes, those waffles really were as good as they look (especially the chocolatey one!) Secondly, for the past 2 days I've been off school curled up on my sofa watching an unhealthy amount of Ugly Betty and feeling very sorry for my self... But I managed to prise myself away from Netflix to show you a couple of pictures from my short trip to Ramsgate. If you want to see what makeup I took with me I wrote a post here!
Day 2 will be up tomorrow!