Friday, 25 April 2014

Crush Of The Month - Miranda Kerr

Yesterday I was doing my usual half hourly scroll down the never ending Pinterest feed when I saw a selection of pictures of Miranda Kerr. Not going to lie it did make me cry a little inside at how someone can even be that beautiful, but it also inspired me to write this monthly post. Its not just going to be my monthly girl crushes, expect to see some rather hansom gentlemen appearing on your screens too (Leonardo Dicaprio and Harry Styles I am looking at you....)
But for my first monthly love it couldn't have been anyone other than Miss Kerr. She was probably my first proper girl crush (closely followed by Jenifer Lawrence). Not only is she up there in my main "style icons", she also has the most perfect, glossy, brown hair that you will ever see in your whole life...I'm also extremely jealous of Miranda's perfectly placed dimples and legs, which seem to go on for miles...

5 Random Facts About Her:

  1. If she wasn't a model she would be a nutritionist.
  2. Her career started in 1997 when she won a modelling competition at the age of 13!
  3. Miranda has a little boy called Flynn with English actor Orlando Bloom. 
  4. She was the first Australian model to represent Victoria Secret.
  5. Her Favourite colour is red.

Who is you Celeb crush of the month?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Back to school...

Some how in the space of 4 days, I have managed to eat far more hot cross buns and mini chocolate rabbits than should be humanly possible... I regret nothing. Because hey, if you can't do that at Easter then when can you?
Unfortunately, I am back at school tomorrow *insert sympathetic "awww"*.  Luckily I'm in year 10 which means I don't have any  GCSEs or A levels to be worried about this term, but I do have a couple of small practice exams in the next few weeks so I've been revising a little bit every day (I might to a revision tips post soon?). Especially for maths because lets face it, I'm just not gifted in that department so need all the help I can get!
Anyway, just wanted to very quickly check in and hope you all had a nice Easter and good luck if you are sitting any of your exams this term! You'll be amazing.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Travel Makeup Bag - Seaside Edition!

So, I'm off to the good old sea side town of Ramsgate for the weekend! I'm heading up there with my parents and some family friends.

There's nothing too fancy planned, so my makeup bag is pretty simple.
I've got my everyday base staples, like my Bourjois happy light Foundation, Rimmel wake me up concealer and Benefit Boing. As well as some more seasonally appropriate products like my Nars LagunaMax factor blush in soft pink (but if its as windy and cold as it usually is down there then I don't think my cheeks will need any help getting Rosy!), No7 Cream highlight stick, which is by far my favourite high-street highlighting product that I have used (and boy have I tried a few!) and the Maybelline Lip gloss in Cashmere Rose is perfect for the windy coast as its not sticky at all. Lastly, I am taking the Kiehl's SPF 50 sachet in the hope that the sun stays out! Mini trips like this are perfect for using up any samples that you might have lying around as they don't take up any space in your make up bag!

Of course I had to bring just a couple of other bits to spruce up my face when the evening rolls around. I use Mac Wedge matte eyeshadow to add a bit of shape to my face and the Maybelline black gel liner to add some definition to my eyes. I also love the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze for fool proof eyeshadow application. For nails a clear polish is a must (Rimmel) and in keeping with the seaside location I'm going for Chanel nail polish in Azure, so I can feel at one with the Oceans! Finally a couple of spritzes of the Stella McCartney perfume and I'll be good to go.

Who could forget a pair of sunnies(or two...)! These reflective blue ones are £3 from Primark. Definitely just for show though as they have absolutely no protection from the sun what so ever....But they are just so pretty! Who could resist?

... I am also bringing with me L'Oreal False Lash Architect mascara, purely because it's the only one I own at the moment. Unfortunately it really irritates my eyes so I am on the hunt for a new one. Any recommendations for sensitive eyes would be very much appreciated!

I am planning to eat my weight in fish n' chips and ice cream this weekend!
Have you got anything equally as exciting planned ;) ?