Friday, 25 April 2014

Crush Of The Month - Miranda Kerr

Yesterday I was doing my usual half hourly scroll down the never ending Pinterest feed when I saw a selection of pictures of Miranda Kerr. Not going to lie it did make me cry a little inside at how someone can even be that beautiful, but it also inspired me to write this monthly post. Its not just going to be my monthly girl crushes, expect to see some rather hansom gentlemen appearing on your screens too (Leonardo Dicaprio and Harry Styles I am looking at you....)
But for my first monthly love it couldn't have been anyone other than Miss Kerr. She was probably my first proper girl crush (closely followed by Jenifer Lawrence). Not only is she up there in my main "style icons", she also has the most perfect, glossy, brown hair that you will ever see in your whole life...I'm also extremely jealous of Miranda's perfectly placed dimples and legs, which seem to go on for miles...

5 Random Facts About Her:

  1. If she wasn't a model she would be a nutritionist.
  2. Her career started in 1997 when she won a modelling competition at the age of 13!
  3. Miranda has a little boy called Flynn with English actor Orlando Bloom. 
  4. She was the first Australian model to represent Victoria Secret.
  5. Her Favourite colour is red.

Who is you Celeb crush of the month?