Friday, 17 July 2015

Strawberry Picking

Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Gap
Hat - Paris market stool but similar one here!

 Now traipsing around a field desperately trying to seek out a strawberry that hasn't either been chewed on by a snail or shrivelled up by the sun isn't something I'd usually class as 'fun', but there is something strangely satisfying about knowing exactly where your food has come from and being able to pick it straight from the source.
 Although, next time I'd probably hold off from eating so many with out giving them a good ol' wash first....That tummy ache was not fun!....

Have you ever been strawberry picking before?
I think I'll make it a summer time tradition!


Friday, 3 July 2015

Where Have I Been?

After revision stress and exam exhaustion, I'm finally recovered and ready to get back in the swing of blogging...

I thought I'd put together a quick post on what I've been up to in my ridiculously long absence...
Granted, a large chunk of my leave was filled with highlighters, post it notes and CGP Revision guides, but I doubt many of you want to here about that! So here's a compilation of the slightly more exciting things I've been up to since my, long awaited, summer began just over 2 weeks ago!

No more 'school'. Ever!
Ok, so technically this didn't happen during my summer holidays but I feel like leaving school is a pretty big thing that I should mention! Next year is going to be quite a drastic change not only because I'm going to a performing arts school rather than a regular sixth form, but also because I'll be leaving behind my 3 closest friends and a hole bunch of other amazing people who helped make my secondary school years relatively pain free.

A night filled with far too many photos, loads of cake and some unforgettable dancing, all bound together by the sound of a pretty mediocre school DJ....

The Breakfast Club Café
Famous for is epic pancake stacks and quirky set up, The Breakfast Club Café pretty much lived up to all the hype... Only down side, it's a little pricey. Luckily, you do get quite a lot for your money. 
Highly recommend the vanilla pancake + fruit stack (obviously) and the green smoothie!

I've just come back from 5 day stay with relatives who live in the centre of Canterbury. A mini break was exactly what I needed after a hectic couple of months!
Canterbury has a good mix of both cute independent boutiques as well as lots of larger chain shops and yes, some shopping damage was done... Of course, the town also has an inescapable and amazing historical aspect to it, but unfortunately,  I don't think the photos above manage to do the infamous Canterbury Cathedral justice; honestly it's so so beautiful and despite the constant stream of tourists it still manages to maintain an air of peacefulness and calm.

Orange Is The New Black - Season 3
When I thought it couldn't get any better! I had to force myself to savour season 3 of OITNB after seriously regretting finishing all of season 2 in under 2 days... But after putting off watching the final episode for 3 days (I know that doesn't sound long but trust me it was torture) I finally finished season three and yep the love affair goes on!