Thursday, 4 September 2014

Birthday Bits!

This birthday was a little different than most, as you may already know I was in California for my 15th and If you want to see what I got up to I've done a post - here!-
Most people knew that I was going to be in the States during the summer so I was mainly given money to spend while I was over there. Strangely I didn't end up spending all of it not, I should add, through lack of shopping opportunities! But here are select the bits that I pick up.
The socks above are from Brandy Melville $6. I'm absolutely in love with them despite the fact that they are ridiculously impractical and rip if you even look at them!.... 
After realising the was a big grey jumper shaped hole in my wardrobe I quickly picked this one up from Gap for $45 while we where in LA. Its super cosy and as with most things from Gap it's really good quality so hopefully will last me a while.
It just wouldn't be right if I came back from America without peanut butter, Lucky Charms or chocolate now would it?!
Make up wise I was pretty restrained and only really picked up bits that I had planned to get.....I know, that's a first! Although I do regret not getting some more bits from Wet n Wild and NYX because they are very tricky to find here in the Uk. 
Wet n Wild - Walking on egg shells $2.99 - I'm not a big eye shadow wearer but all the colours in this trio are really pretty and for $2.99 I just couldn't resist.
Revlon Polish - Ginger Melon $6.99 This is a really nice bright pink that looks awesome on tanned skin...
The Original L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara $7.99 - This mascara was discontinued in the Uk before I had a chance to try it out even though so many people seemed to love it. So when I saw it siting there in CVS I knew it was meant to be...
American Apparel Polish - $7 its purple, its sparkly what more could you want?!

Saving my favourite bits till last! Firstly I should point out that M.A.C in the US is soo much cheaper than it is here in the Uk. One lippy is $16 which is equivalent to £9.70 and in the Uk one M.A.C lip stick £15.50 equivalent to $25.40! Whhaatt?! So I took advantage of that and picked up two colours I'd been eyeing up for a while Patisserie, a pinky nude with brown undertones and Plumful a really wearable berry shade. 
And finally the Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso (left) and Dolce Pink (Right). If I had to pick my favourite of everything that I bought while I was away it would have to be these blushes! They highlight the cheeks in a really beautiful, subtle, "inner glow" kind of way. But I'm not going to say any more because I think I'll have a full review going up soonish, so if your interested in knowing more look out for that!

Whats been your favourite out of the bits I picked up?