Monday, 1 September 2014

Ruby's Diner

How could I possibly go to the States with out visiting a classic American diner at least once?
Ruby's Diner is a chain of restaurants that give the feel of an authentic 1940's American restaurant, all the waiters and waitresses are dressed in adorable red and white outfits with special hats and everything! (I'm easily pleased.)
 If one of the cars above could be turned into the interior decor of a restaurant then Ruby's would definitely be it!

On to the food! The first time we went I had a chocolate shake with a veggie burger. The shake, oh my, the shake was amazing! Honestly it was just melted chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top but that's my idea of heaven! The burger and chips where actually pretty darn good too, which I was quite surprised about because usually veggie burgers can tend to be a tad stogy and dry...
On our second visit I ordered the iced Mocha and the Fish n' Chips. Unfortunately this time I wasn't so keen on my food. There was a little too much batter on the fish which meant that the inside was all soggy. Luckily the chips where great (but you sure do get a lot of them!) and the drink, again, was amazing.

Overall the food was really tasty, the waiters and waitresses where super friendly and the prices are pretty reasonable.
 I'd give Ruby's Diner 4 out of 5.

Definitely check it out if your ever across the pond!