Sunday, 13 July 2014

Your Summer Guide - 2014

I've managed to compile a list of my favourite, warm weather appropriate, blog posts and videos from some of my favourite people on the inter webs... Hopefully it will provide you with some summertime inspiration or just a couple of interesting pre-holiday reads! Get ready to do some serious bookmarking....

Your SPF Crash Course  It doesn't matter if you are lucky enough to be going away this summer or will be enjoying a "staycation", this article is full invaluable information on the benefits of UVA and UVB protection.
(Here are some other useful tips!)

Summer Style Challenge Some really nice ways to change up how you style items in your wardrobe this summer...

Faux Glow...Anna made this video last summer sharing all her most used tanning products and I made sure to bookmark it for when I needed some trusted advice on the best bits to make me look a bit less pasty and a bit more healthy. Although, I am still absolutely terrified of using anything that isn't just tinted!
(You can find her most recent routine here!)

Fun Workouts Yes really! Not only are they fun they're also really really effective but I am always amazed at how effortless Cassey makes it all look; these observations are usually made while I'm sweating an ocean and have just collapsed on my bedroom floor....

Also Pintrest is awesome for finding some quick 5 minutes workouts. I like to do a couple of these exercises before I get in the shower!

Polishes That Enhance a Tan? Yes Please!

Hair styles Summer is the best time for experimenting with your locks... I mean what other time of year can you turn your hair in to your very own walking flower garden?!
Mimi has almost 3 hundred easy to follow hair tutorials on her channel. Her braid videos are my favourite :)

Sweat Proof Make up Tips from the makeup Queen her self.... What more could you ask for?

Hope some of these have been helpful!