Friday, 25 July 2014


Finally the summer holidays have come around and trust me I am 150% ready! I feel like the last school term has been painfully long! But now its over and the holidays have arrived it means that, hopefully, I will have more time to blog and it might even be in regular weekly or twice weekly slots (if your lucky!)

Cheesy as it may sound, for me, summer time is all about family, friends and new experiences and hopefully this year wont disappoint! Next week I am jetting of you California to stay with relatives for 2 weeks and then I'm off to Tiree with a close friend and her family. Now all this travelling is new territory for me! For that past 9 years I have gone to the same place every summer so I am extremely extremely excited to go somewhere a bit different!
To get us all in the summer time mood, I thought I would share some shots from last summers shenanigans! Enjoy!

What are you up to this summer?