Thursday, 3 July 2014

That time I saw One Direction...

Nearly a month ago now I went to see One Direction perform at Wembley Stadium with two of my closest friends (Artie and Indi). We had seating tickets which, in hind sight, probably wasn't the best idea for the kind of experience that I was hoping for (far to civilised!) Also it meant we where with the majority of the parents that had obviously been dragged along by their children, although you wouldn't have thought it by the time 1D where on! They where singing along like the rest of us!

Despite all that, I think its safe to say that for my first ever concert, One Direction was pretty intense.
There was screaming.... Soooo much screaming. And many, many tears where shed (although not by me I should add!) And even though I'm not much of a Directioner, it was almost impossible not to get swept up in all the excitement & by the end of the night I was surprised that my feet hadn't  fallen off from all the dancing...

Next time look out for us on the front row!