Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lola Emily - A New Direction

I'm a little bit nervous to post this but that just because it means so so much to me now... Here goes nothing!
'Lola Emily' was initially started up as a platform for me to talk about anything (mainly makeup, clothes and food...) that I was interested in and that isn't necessarily going to be any different. However, over that last couple of months there have been quite a few significant changes in my life which have consequently caused me to take a step back and really think about who I am and who I want to be... 
Over the summer I started looking into issues that I had heard about but had not fully looked into in depth before. The results of my findings have completely changed me and the way I feel about not only my life but also about society in general. And so, I no longer feel that, given all I know now, I'll be able to continue blogging or vlogging in the same way as before.
I want to use any platforms I have to help raise awareness of the issues that I've been deeply moved by: The exploitation of workers in the fast fashion industry, the brutal, mistreatment of animals in the cosmetic and food industry and of course the rapid and devastating effect we as humans are having daily on our planet!
I know these are really heavy topics. These are issues that I was oblivious to and I'm sure many of you are/were too! But don't worry its all about the intentions behind your actions and the way you chose to live your life. No one is perfect, and making big changes like: eating less meat or animal products and buying more sustainable clothing takes time and lots of mistakes!
I'll continue to post about food, fashion, beauty etc.. But all products or clothing mentioned will be as sustainable, cruelty free and environmentally friendly as possible!
There aren’t enough young people talking about the major issues that society faces today, despite the fact that there consequences will have a drastic effect on our lives and the future of our children and the generations to come.
I’m really excited about this change in both the message and direction of my little space here on the web and I hope it will help people realise how in the dark we’ve all been made to be about global problems that are so so so unbelievably important and shocking. This is bigger than us. Its about the sustainability of our planet! Its about taking a step back, realising how selfish society has programmed us to be and actively deciding to opt out of that vicious mentality. Even little, day to day changes can make a big difference! 
If your interested in knowing more about the issues that have prompted this change then I highly, highly recommend watching these two documentaries as a powerful and very informative starting point! Both of which can be found on Netflix : The True Cost and Cowspiracy. Or Earthlings which can be found on YouTube. 

Lola xx