Saturday, 6 February 2016

DIY Valentines' Day Gifts

Zara, the lovely lady behind "The Conscious Stylist" one of the UK's first sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogs, has just uploaded a post showing a range of really simple and thoughtful gift ideas suitable for the season of love... or the day of self indulgence and crappy telly if you're a fellow single Pringle like myself.

There are some really lovely and simple ideas; one of which is my very own Last Minute DIY Chocolate Gift post!

Even if you don't have a particular Valentine in mind, it might be handy to have a look incase your ever stuck for Birthday or even Christmas gift ideas, if your already planning this years festivities...

Definitely check out and follow "The Conscious Stylist" for amazing, easy to read content about all things ethical!

~ Lola ~