Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ethical Christmas Shopping

Now I'm no scrooge, I love Christmas just as much as the next fairy light fanatic & jingling jumper wearer but there are a few issues I have with the holiday that's supposed to promote good will and yet contributes massively to some of the most exploitative industries on the planet! 
Luckily there are plenty of easy ways to avoid some of the manic consumerism whilst still giving gifts friends and family will love...

Local and Independent Shops
One best things to do if you love the buzz of going out and physically finding Christmas gifts is to buy from smaller, local or independent shops. This way, not only are you supporting smaller businesses, but you can still get that festive feeling without contributing to the other negative areas of larger companies, like over seas sweatshops.

Online (Etsy)
Definitely the most stress free way to do you Christmas shopping! 
Just by searching for "Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts" you can find tonnes of websites that offer ideas to cater for all ages, genders and tastes. 
Some of my favourites sites are: Matt & Nat, friends of the earth, Lush and Etsy. Although, I feel like Etsy should be in a category of its own! 

Etsy's basically a collection of thousands of independent shops all in one, very cute and convenient place - amazing and highly addictive.
It allows you to easily narrow down your search depending on your budget and any other specifications you might have, plus you can find some really incredible, unique gifts made and designed by some very talented people around the world.  

 Planned Day Out or Event
One of my favourite gifts to give and receive. Organising and paying for an event or day out (or part of the day out!) for you and someone else is a really great personal gift idea and a great way of ensuring you get your monies worth and don't just spend a tenner on something that's going to sit at the back of a draw gathering dust...
Maybe there's a quirky cafe you've both always wanted to go to but never got round to or tickets to see a new band, show or exhibition?

Hand Made
I know the thought of spending a day or so making half a dozen Christmas prezies isn't going to be everyone cup of tea! But if your on a budget and still want to give really nice, thoughtful gifts then making them isn't such a bad idea.
A few more simple ideas include: personalised Mix CD, DIY chocolate slabs (great last minuet gifts as they are super easy to make - post coming up soon!), a framed photo collage, friendship bracelets or zip purse.
Of course all of these should be carried out whilst watching a Christmas classic or listening to some festive tunes at full blast. This part's not optional...

~ Lola ~

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