Wednesday 23 December 2015

Last Minute DIY Chocolate Gifts

If your looking for a quick and simple edible gift idea that doesn't compromise on taste or appearance then your in luck! These Chocolatey goodies require minimal cooking expertise but still look and taste pretty impressive (if I do say so myself...)

What You'll Need: 
- A selection of Chocolate Bars ( x4 150g bars make gifts for approx. 6-8 people, depending on how generous you are!)
- Toppings of your choice - I used pop corn, dried strawberries, sprinkles, biscuits, nuts and dried berries.
- Dipping items of your choice - I used pretzels and mini Oreos

(Messy kitchen is completely necessary)

To make the chocolate slabs and shapes all you need to do is get some cookie cutters, lie them on to some foil and spoon in your melted chocolate, adding in any of extra bits n' bobs that you fancy.

Be careful when your taking them out of the mould that you push gently but firmly and try not to put too much pressure on just one part of the chocolate as it could break.
Its easier to remove them from the mould if you chocolate is still a tiny bit bit squidgy.

Don't worry if a bit breaks off! The beauty of chocolate is that it can be melted and re-stuck!...
Lets just say my reindeer would have had a bit of trouble flying if it hadn't had been for a bit of chocolate reconstructive surgery...

The chocolate dipped gifts are pretty self explanatory really...
Firstly, melt your chocolate and dunk in your items, then lay them out on a piece of baking paper and sprinkle over any extra toppings. Done.
The freeze dried strawberries worked really well with the dark chocolate dipped Oreos.

Let me know if you try any of these out.
Have an amazing Christmas!

- Lola -

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